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International Festival of high school theatre Juventafest

The 7th International Festival of highschool theatre Juventafest  will be held in Sarajevo from 5-9th September 2019, organized by the Association for development and improving of multimedia arts and culture „Medija-Art“.

Aplication is opened to all theatre groups whose performers are age 14 – 19. All participants on the scene (actors, choirs, dance groups, musicians), have to be of age anticipated for highschool.  It is desirable, but it is not stipulated that supporting sections (scenografers, music, ligthings, costume makers, make-up artists and others) consist of high school students. Submitted play should not be shorter than 30 minutes, while maximum duration of the paly is not set. All the groups are obligated to deliver quality made recording of the play as closed Vimeo or Youtube link. Recording should be made in total of one shot and from one place without editing. If the play is not in English or any of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina it has to be subtitled in English.

Selector of the Festival will select maximum of eight theatre plays for the competition/main festival program.

The duration of the Festival is five days. Except for the competition program, also educational program of the Festival is of importance. Four performing arts workshops will be organized for the Festival participants.  All of the Festival participants are obligated to attend all the Festival programs. Any non-compliance with the above mentioned, and all is graded during the Festival (cooperation with the hosts, other participants and groups, overall behavior, general impression and similar) could affect individulas or groups when it comes to sanctions, discqualifications and other form of sanctions.

Festival jury is composed of three members –  theatrologists, playwrighters, theatre actors, directors…

By the propositions of the Festival, jury will decide on the Festival awards allotment:

  1. Grand Prix for the best theatre play at the Festival
  2. Special Jury Award

 All rights to change and add to mentioned rules are reserved by the organizer.

The organizer of the Festival will provide accomodation and food during the duration of the Festival for all the festival participants.

Theatre groups independently cover their transport cost.

The Association „Medija – Art“  is the only valid organizer of the International Festival of high school theatre Juventafest.

Application form for the online application can be found on the official Juventafest web page . For any questions please contact

The deadline for applications and submission of the recording of the play is  1st May 2019.

While submitting, please enclose 4 photos of the play in high resolution as separate files

I agree with rules and regulations that can be read on this link


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