“Iphigenia” the play from Bosnia and Herzegovina is the winner of 7th Juventafest

With the dancing play “13” by the Drama Studio of Istrian National Theatre from Pula, the last play of this year’s 7th international festival of high school theatre-Juventafest, the stage curtain was lowered to this unique event dedicated to young people.

During the five festival days, the audience had the opportunity to watch two plays from each country including Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the winning play “Iphigenia” by the Acting School – Center for Culture Zavidovići was awarded and deserved the Grand Prix. The play whose actors are Iman Ahmić, Iman Bubić, Edvin Joldić, Almir Omerašević, Hanan Osmanović, Adna Karanović, Adna Marušić, Ena Ordagić and Ajša Kalabić was directed by Alma Osmanović and Sanela Ahmić.

During the closing ceremony at the Youth Theatre, the jury consisting of Maja Izetbegović, Milena Minja Bogavac and Oliver Jović awarded the Special Jury Award to the members of the Drama Studio ĆOŠE from Obrenovac (Serbia) for the brave and powerful play “Rails“.

Juventafest organizers, led by Festival director Jasna Diklić, point out that the value of this event is primarily reflected in the creativity, work and socializing of talented high school students. The participants also spent their time in dance, mask, puppetry and music workshops during which they gained indelible experience and knowledge.  It is worth pointing out that this year’s Juventafest became part of the inclusion movement where young people with Down Syndrome also participated in the workshops with great success.

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