Juventafest: Inclusive workshops in full swing

As the 7th Juventafest nears its end, more and more work is being done at this year’s workshops, which are also open to young people with developmental difficulties for the first time. The performances, which they started preparing on Friday the day after the opening of the Festival, will be open to all interested to see on Monday, September 5th at 1 pm at the Center for Culture and Youth in Municipality Center Sarajevo, OU Jelićeva.

Art should primarily begin to remove barriers and to sensitize society, not to hinder one’s creative expression, that is, to begin to believe that a person with disabilities can also be an artist and have an attitude that we need to hear. The organizers of Juventafest are convinced that theatre is the most magical place for such changes and processes, and with this step, Juventafest became part of the movement for inclusion of young people with developmental difficulties. In partnership with the Association „Living with Down Syndrome“ and inclusion expert associate within the workshops, actress Alena Džebo, Juventafest aims to raise awareness of the abilities and skills that young people with disabilities develop.

Therefore, young people with Down Syndrome also attended four festival workshops, and thanks to the dedication and effort of exceptional experts, all participants will bring valuable experiences gained through the “ Body under a mask“ workshop, where they above all, learned that a mask is not just a creation of gypsum and cardboard but also the face of an inner human being. Experienced Slađana Zrnić took the participants into the world of the miraculous mask.

The participants of the workshop “From playing to dancing”  will be convinced that dance is a shortcut to happiness and good mood,  under the mentorship of actress Amila Terzimehić, who stepped on the theatre scene after many years of engaging in the dance movement.

The “Musical theatre workshop” by conductor and professor Tijana Vignjević works to bring awareness to the rhythm and sounds that surround us, as well as to the ability to reproduce these sounds with the help of our body, everyday objects or musical instruments.

In the end, the participants of the “Puppetry” workshop, as well as their mentor, puppeteer Jasminka Božuta, point out that they were engaged in the animation of body, primarily hands, but also had a great time preparing several small puppet etudes.

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