by Fatima Bilčević

Theatre play: “Virus”, Production: High-school „Filip Višnjić“, Bijeljina, Writer: Siniša Kovačević, Directors: Valentina Vidaković i Olivera Pandurević, Actors: Nemanja Mijajlović, Anja Davidović, Isidora Davidović, Miodrag Gurdeljević, Aleksa Pelemiš, Tamara Zekić, Tara Rodić, Željka Bobić, Ratko Simić, Nikola Vulović, Lidija Janković, Bogdana Mirkanović, Ana Lazić, Svetozar Mojić, Dejan Tomić, Željko Lučić, Tomislav Todorović, Zorana Tomaš, Lana Lalović, Anastasija Pejković, Mirjana Jovanović, Marina Gajić, Mihaela Bojić

Theatre play: “UPSIDE DOWN! The Reverse Side of the Earth”, Production: Theatre-studio “Mueli”, Tula, Rusija,Director: Liudmila Katsero, Performers: Madina Fatkullina, Daria Zaitceva, Julia Ivanina, Nikita Zhorichev, Cyrill Zinkovsky, Artyom Rodionov, Valeriia Khazanskaya, Sophia Golub, Mariia Nikulina, Anastasiia Pastushenko, Natyk Ibadov, Tatiana Delyagina

Fourth day of fourth “Juventafest” welcomed two plays, structurally different, means and way of presenting the world, different in their poetics, but similar because of the strong effect they have on the audience.

First play, “Virus”, produced by High-school “Filip Višnjić” from Bijeljina, written by Siniša Kovačević and directed by Valentina Vidaković and Olivera Pandurević is a story of successful and rich young musician who finds out that he is HIV positive. This realisation changes his life completely removing him from the safe and strong foundations and putting to test his relationships with close people and family. Just like in many other times, family ends up being inexhaustible source of dramatic conflict and tension as from the beginning family members react differently when they find out about Aleksandar’s virus. His sister Marija gets so scared for her son that she stops thinking rationally and starts chasing her brother out of the house and forbids him from coming back. His father Dimitrije is trying to be supportive and his brother-in-law and Dimitrije’s friend Vera, who are both doctors and show outside perspective to the sickness and the situation by giving their expert opinions. However, the breaking point of the play is the moment when Aleksandar’s fiancee Marta decides to leave him. After this he starts backing from the people close to him and starts getting into reckless sexual relationships with very young girls, blaming all women for what happened to him. Throughout the play painful family secrets are being uncovered showing the fake moral in every pore of the society. Aleksandar’s father is actually in the relationships with his “friend” Vera for years, since the time his wife was still alive. This is a story about fake values, about nothingness hidden under the mask of values that could be described as a light motive of this year’s “Juventafesta”. In “Virus” this nothingness shows up as a story of fake moral, selfishness, prejudices and incapability of people to rid themselves from their own limitations and fear of everything that is different. Actors did incredible job doing a play on the boarder of tears and laughter, full of humor but the tragic of life, also.

Play “UPSIDE DOWN! The Reverse Side of the Earth”, produced by Theatre-studio “Mueli” from Tula, directed by Liudmile Katsero, brought us unusual, different experience of theatre, a world where imagination is triumphant. Reverse side of the Earth is full of unusual creatures, who using dance, pantomime, gesture and similar techniques, tell a story about creation of the world through 20 short stories showing different creatures in different situations. However, the basic rule and solutions for all the problematic situations, is always the rule of imagination and dreams as in the scene when a girl finds a little beautiful shoe, which doesn’t fit her foot. After difficult process in which she tries to find a solution, the girl notices a male shoe on the floor and realizes that solution is simple – she should just get two shoes to meet each other and use them to tell a story of love. On the Reverse Side of the Earth, laws are different from the ones on the regular side: one should only know how to use his or her imagination, how to change the perspective and everything will be possible: Space Grannies, Paper ballerina, Mr. lonely Sam, who figures out that there has to be a person in the audience that would keep him company so he picks a girl to dance his unusual dance with him. Aliens also get into interaction with the audience, having fun throwing their different shaped balls into the audience and Space Grannies with brooms who clean the floor under the audience’s feet thoroughly. Crew of the “UPSIDE DOWN! The Reverse Side of the Earth” offered an incredible theatre experience, through their creative play, skilled dance and pantomime, reminding us that imagination can never be out of date.

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  1. Liudmila Katsero-Reply
    14. September 2016. at 17:29

    Thank you for the review! Really pleased to read.
    The only comment: “Muesli”! The name of the theatre is “Muesli”)

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