The play „Rails“ was performed: The cry on the boards that mean life.

The fourth play of this year’s Juventafest was performed on the stage of the Sarajevo Youth Theatre on Saturday, September 7th. It is the play “Rails” by Drama Studio ĆOŠE, from Obrenovac(Serbia), written by Milena Marković and directed by Marija Medenica.

The play, which gained the trust of the selector of this year’s festival program Emina Omerović, and then the audience, talks about a generation that had been growing up in the nineties and had been maturing for all the wars that would await them. Four friends and their destinies are in the center of the event. The play “Rails” is also a generational cry of today’s high school students, although the protagonists are the generation of their parents.

It is also interesting that the songs which are part of the opus by Milena Marković dominate in the play, through which the actuality of the piece is emphasized.

Together with the other five plays of this year’s Juventafest that come from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, „Rails“ is in competition for the Grand Prix, as well as the Special Jury Award, and the decision will be made after the last play on Monday, September 9th.

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